At One Shot we run separate brewing programs for our ales and lagers. Our ale program focuses on traditional British and American styles, including a Blond, Irish Red, and IPA with an Oatmeal Stout and Double IPA in the works for late 2021. Our lager program is focused on applying German technique to 100% Texas grown grains to produce our Texas Lager, Amber Lager and Double Bock with a Dunkle/Schwartz planned for this Fall.


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OSDTX Seasonal

Summer Crush

Everyone knows “The Mav” from Top Gun. Navy fighter pilots aren’t known for landing very smoothly, but this Pils Lager greases it on smooth every time. Our Maverick is made from all Texas grown and malted barley by the Maverick Malt House in Wildorado, Texas.

Maverick PIlsner

One day while coming back from a daily plumbing parts run, Phil was stuck in traffic behind a beer truck with a sign that said, “light done right.” He was on the phone with Stew and said, “even our lightest beer isn’t very light, she’s pretty heavy. Right after they hung up, “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen came on and Fat Bottom Blonde was born.

Fat Bottom Blonde

The Blitzkrieg tactic introduced in WWII was one of shock and speed. This Dopplebock is full-flavored and goes down fast, but at 8% ABV you have to be careful of the power!

Blitzkrieg Bock (Dopplebock)

Whether in a vehicular convoy or an older style bomber, the Tail Gunner protects your six. This Amber is just as solid and dependable all year round.

Tail Gunner Amber

Route Irish was the designation for the road leading from Baghdad International Airport to the Green Zone. It was the most dangerous stretch of road in the world with vehicles blown up pretty much every day. After pitching the yeast into this brew, the yeast kicked into high gear and we had an Irish Red explosion. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for this explosive ale than Route Irish Red.

Route Irish Red

The Panzer tank in WWII was a technological breakthrough that enabled new tactics because of a balance between speed and firepower. The Panzer IPA has a balanced presentation of hops and barley. You can actually taste the malt in this IPA.

Panzer IPA


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The 82nd Airborne Division is known as the All American Division. All the ingredients for this Pils Lager are proudly Made in the USA. It's "hopped" up a little more than the Maverick and would be perfect for a cookout on your drop-zone.

All American Pilsner

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This Hefeweizen tastes like it’s straight out of Germany. The Half-Track was one of the most versatile vehicles in WWII and this Hefeweizen is versatile all year long.

Half-TracK Hefeweizen

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Most people would call this an Oktoberfest beer. This traditional style chestnut lager is so authentically German you should have to wear lederhosen to drink it.

Lederhosen Lager

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