One Shot Signature Cocktails

Cat 5 (Hurricane)

Cat 5 is our Hurricane, which according to New Orleans locals tastes better than Paddy O’s.

Cocktail - Cat 5
Cocktail - Task Force Orange

Task Force Orange

Task Force Orange is the JSOC moniker of the United States Army Intelligence Support Activity (USAISA) or “the activity.’ Formed after the Iranian Hostage Crisis, TFO is now a self contained SMU (special missions unit), and provides the Tiered Special Operations community with actionable intelligence ahead of discrete missions. If you know about TFO, then you know we can’t tell everything in this drink- we may even have to change the name between operations just to protect its identity!

Big Red 1

Big Red 1 is named after the First Infantry Division, the longest continually serving active duty Army Division which has been in continual service since before World War 1. “If you’re gonna be one, be a Big Red 1.”

Cocktail - Big Red 1
Cocktail - Raspberry Beret

Raspberry Beret

if you are a US paratrooper, you know the pride of wearing the maroon beret.  Troopers will complain that it takes two hands to put it on, keeps your head hot in the summer, ears cold in winter, and won’t keep the sun out your eyes at any time of the year. At least it’s not from a second hand store!

Blood on the Risers

For anyone who went to Army Airborne school, you’re familiar with the story of the Airborne Trooper who’s chute did not open. “Blood on the Risers” is played every day during Ground and Tower Weeks at the Airborne school in Ft. Benning, GA to remind students of the importance of attention to detail prior to Jump Week.

Blood on the Risers
Cocktail - R and S


R&S stands for “Richards and Silver (for our Silver Bullet Rum) and R&S in military language means Reconnaissance & Surveillance.


Richards and Vodka RV is also the nickname for the Ross Volunteers – the Honor Guard for the Governor of the State of Texas.  The RV’s are selected from Corps of Cadet Junior and Seniors.



Cocktail - Mogadishu Mile (Blackberry-Mint Moscow Mule)

Mogadishu Mile

(Blackberry-Mint Moscow Mule) Operation Gothic Serpent was carried out by our special operations troops in 1993. The mission in Somalia was to take down a warlord that had attacked UN Forces and brutalized the local people. The “Mogadishu Mile” was named for the rangers and operators that ran behind the vehicles under fire after the extraction of the dead and wounded – it was almost 3 miles long. We knew many of the warriors that fought on the ground and in the air that day. This one is for them.

Cocktail - AppleJack Mule

Apple Jack Mule

Cocktail - Jalapeno Mule

Kick Ass Mule

Spritzers / Lemonades

Cocktail - Gillespie-Spiked Peach Tea

Gillespie-Spiked Peach Tea

The Gillespie is named for Gillespie County, home of Texas peaches and where we get our peaches for the peach tea vodka. Gillespie County is named after Robert Addison Gillespie, a Captain in the Texas Rangers.

Cocktail - Blackberry Sage Spritzer

Blackberry Sage Spritzer

Cocktail - Lemon Berry Spritzer

Lemon Berry Spritzer

Cocktail - Prickly Pear Lime Spritzer

Prickly Pear Lime Spritzer

Cocktail - Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Vodka Lemonade

Our Shot on Some Classics

Cocktail - Dark and Stormy

Dark and Stormy

Cocktail - Madras


Winter Warmers

Cocktail - Spiked Egg Nog

Spiked Egg Nog

Cocktail - Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum